Spending the weekend fixing my dog fence instead of target shooting :(

The Significance of Invisible Dog Wire
Having a pet in your house most especially dog provides benefits and shortcomings. For pet owners, there are a number of particular efforts they need to consider to ensure the safety of their dog including dog care. Dog owners need to consider all factors that can keep their pet at ease inside the barrier. There are a number of choices accessible which can be utilized for keeping them inside the backyard. Dog fencing is the most common one. There are many kinds of dog fences, which are utilized for dogs such as wooden fence, brick fence, chain link fence and many more. The newest trend that is extensively followed by lots of dog owners is setting up an invisible dog wire. For those who want to setup this kind of fence, then it is important for you to know more about this fence so that you can decide whether it is appropriate for you or not.
There are lots of advantages provided by an invisible dog wire for your dogs. For example, this is considered the most remarkable fencing idea for pets most especially if you are searching for a less maintenance and more efficient fencing. You only have to change the dog collar batteries after three to four months. These invisible fences can be utilized for puppies aged eight months or beyond. On the other hand, some studies show that your dog should weigh just about 2 and ½ pounds prior to bringing this kind of fencing. This fence works best for a place of more than twenty five acres. Check out electric dog fence for great products and reviews.

Another benefit of owning this kind of fence is the fact that is easy to setup and works well once you train your dog for it. The greatest part of it is that pet owners can move or travel to a new place with this kind of fence if they have to. However, pet owners need to remove the collar during night time in order to avoid skin rashes and irritation. For pet owners that have a pet with thick hair, they are required to cut it a little bit in order for the dog to sense the electric shock produced by the collar.
In spite of many benefits provided by this fence, there are also a number of drawbacks of owning an invisible fence wire that should not be taken for granted.
I found this Great Invisible dog fence resource you should watch this it gives a much better understanding of how the fence works and how you can generally install it yourself, saving tons of money in contrast to the pro’s.
First, since the invisible fence wire is ineffective during power failure, you have to refrain from setting up this kind of fence if you are residing in power outage or storm prone places. This kind of fence is not applicable to all kinds of dogs as most of them boast pain threshold. This is the reason it is very important to follow the training tips attentively and train your dog well. Regardless of the efficiency of this invisible fence, a frightened dog may take for granted the passes of electric shock and refuse to go back because of fear.
I suggest the Invisible fence  for larger hunting breed dogs.
This system is extremely durable and holds up much better to rough and tumble than some of the cheaper petsafe brand systems. We like Amazon.com 14 gauge wire page, this stuff is much better then the regular petsafe wire that comes with most kits. Interestingly enough somebody actually made a relatively good you tube video on invisible fence wire.
Cost is another drawback that you can encounter while shopping for an electric dog  fencewire. A lot of dog owners hesitate to buy this product because of high price and decide to purchase other dog fencing systems with reasonable price. One important factor that every pet owner should consider when buying this kind of fence is the fact that this fence might keep your pet inside the boundary, but it cannot stop other animals such as stray dogs and other wild animals from going inside the yard. This is the main reason why you still need to look after your dog. Also very important, consider upgrading your dog fence wire to a much heavier duty wire than what the manufacturer packages the systems with.
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