Facing Contempt Charges, Holder Still Has Time for War on Arizona

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AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(Ammoland.com)- Arizona has suffered during Attorney General Eric Holder’s time in office.

Besides the fact that the straw purchasing aspect of Operation Fast & Furious took place in Phoenix, the guns illegally purchased flooded the southern portion of the state on their way to Mexico.

And many of them, perhaps many hundreds of them, are still in southern Arizona.

In addition to illegal guns, Arizona has had a problem with illegal immigrants. Yet when Gov. Brewer attempted to do something about the influx of illegal immigrants by signing SB 1070, Holder stood in opposition. Moreover, his DOJ actually sued Arizona to stop the implementation of the law.

Then came June 25, and almost immediately after the Supreme Court left the central portion of Arizona’s SB 1070 intact—the portion of the law that requires state and local police to ask for documentation proving legal-citizen or visitor status for anyone in violation of the law—Holder & Co. played the race card. They did this by setting up a 1-800 number that people can call to “report potential civil rights violations.” As a result, the Supreme Court ruling was answered by a handful of protesters lining streets in downtown Phoenix, chanting against “the war on brown people,” denouncing racial profiling, and demanding equal rights for everyone.

This is how the head of the Justice Department responds to a Supreme Court ruling?

Holder’s Fast & Furious has a caused an unknown amount of chaos in Arizona, and even cost Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry his life. The A.G. has already been held in contempt by the House Oversight Committee itself, and is facing a full House vote on contempt of Congress this Thursday.

Yet in the midst of all that, he still finds time to continue his War on Arizona.

AWR Hawkins

AWR Hawkins

Editors Voice:
on 6-28-12 Holder was found to be in contempt of congress. With any hope some real action will be taken against him for
his actions in Fast and Furious gun walking scandal.

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